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Semra Akan

Semra is a qualified Family Therapist, who is registered with the UKCP and practices as a psychotherapist in Turkish as well as in English. She is also qualified as a Systemic Supervisor and Tutor of Systemic Psychotherapy.

Semra brings to her work a range of valuable experiences from her ten years as a Family Therapist. She has developed considerable knowledge, skills and abilities in addressing the therapeutic, relational and emotional needs of children and families in the community.  The process of family therapy allows the necessary space to help family members move towards better ways of relating, managing challenges, change and distress. Semra has also worked in number of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services setting with children and families.

Semra loves working with children individually and in partnership with their parents and has developed significant skills in child focused practice. She believes that children are very much influenced by the significant people in their lives.

Semra believes that individual work with children allows time and space to enter the child’s world and join with the many different ways they have of expressing themselves.

Semra’s areas of clinical interest and specialised practice focus on relational networks and individual psychotherapy. This includes anxiety and depression and working with post-traumatic stress disorder along with offering longer term therapy to children and divorced couples, adoption and fostering, attachment related issues.

Semra has considerable experience working as a Systemic Psychotherapist with Local Authority Social Services. In this capacity she has developed skills and abilities in offering a clinical service to children and families as well as consultation to social work colleagues. These experiences have created for Semra a valuable resource which will inform her future practice in assessment, therapy, and consultation in a variety of different settings.


  • Degree in Public Sector Management Studies.
  • Certificate of Counselling Skills
  • MSc in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy
  • PGD in Therapeutic Communication with Children
  • Diploma in Systemic Supervision and Teaching