Systemic Perspectives
Systemic Perspectives

We are a small group of skilled and experienced psychotherapists offering a range of counselling and psychotherapy services to children, individuals and families in London. We have many years of experience in this area having worked extensively in social care, child and adolescent mental health services and teaching systemic psychotherapy.

We recognise that our many communities are full of diversity and difference with respect to
many issues and this is an important aspect in what we do.  We believe in partnership, working
with clients, professionals and organisations in ways that recognise everyone’s needs and concerns. 

Our experience suggests that everyone has the capacity to develop their skills and abilities and
therefore improve the ways in which they manage their relationships and the emotionally
challenging issues they experience.

Education, Training and Consultation Program includes A new Turkish Education Project.
Brief details of the course program can be found in 'Our Services' Under the heading of
Aile Terapisi Egitim Programi