Systemic Perspectives
Systemic Perspectives
Our Approach

The Systemic Approach

As psychotherapists we are interested in change and finding ways to help people make the
changes in their lives they desire. We know that this is never easy but some things can help.

All of our work is informed by a systemic approach which suggests that distress and difficulties
are intimately connected to the past and present relationships that make up people's lives. 

We think of all people developing within a community of relationships which includes family,
culture and wider society. Everything that we do and experience, good and bad, emerges
from the complex networks of relationships we have been in and are part of.

We focus our work on how people manage their relationship with themselves and others.
We are interested in what prevents the development of healthy and satisfying relationships
and how to encourage the relational skills and abilities that will create change and improve
relationships. We work collaboratively with clients to create change, helping and supporting them in finding more useful, satisfying and safe ways to manage their relationships.