Systemic Perspectives
Systemic Perspectives
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Independent Assessments

Assessments takes many forms and we ensure that we match our commissioning requests
with the uniqueness of each family or individual. They include parenting assessments and
risk assessments, rehabilitation assessments, and expert witness assessments for court.
We can explore suitability for therapeutic treatment and capacity for change.

We are interested in understanding how people’s emotional and behavioural lives come to be
in the position they are and how their unique qualities, skills, abilities and experiences that
have contributed to this. Within a safeguarding context we believe that it is important to
understand those aspects of people’s lives that keep in place undesirable behaviours.

We do this by exploring the network of relationships, both current and historical, that make up
people's lives. We are particularly interested in exploring the potential that people have to develop,
change, evolve and make reparation, identifying the resources that may be needed to encourage this.

Our assessments are detailed, focused and rigorous. We see assessment as a collaborative and interactive process, aspiring to work with people and their families. While we always have a preference for families to remain together or to be reconstituted we recognise and promote the right of children and vulnerable adults to live in environments’ where they are safe, loved and cared for.