Systemic Perspectives
Systemic Perspectives
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Teaching and Supervision & Consultancy

We are qualified teachers and supervisors of Systemic Family Psychotherapy with
considerable experience. We offer workshops for teaching systemic psychotherapy
practice for those professionals who wish to develop their skills and abilities in this area.
We also offer supervision for qualified systemic therapists in practice as well as students in training.

We offer training and workshops for other professionals who work in the helping professions such
as therapists, social workers and clinical practitioners, with a view to supporting their professional
development and enhancing their day to day practice.

We offer workshops and training that uses systemic ideas to develop the skills and abilities of
professionals in many different fields. This may include staff professional development, team
building, weekend courses, exploring and helping to resolve organisational stresses, dilemma’s
and conflicting interests and expectations.

Depending on the needs of the organisation we offer a variety of different teaching formats. These include workshops, short and longer term courses as well as weekend courses.